Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Word of God & Prophecy - Part 2

The On-going discussion of Timothy and me (not bad for a part 2).

(SVS) Well, now I am a bit curious.

"It is like dictation, He dictates I write, unless I indicate otherwise in the Letter or post" (Tim)

How does this work exactly? Is it audible or some other way (like an urging)?

"These are His words and with them they do carry His authority and contain His own life giving Spirit" (Tim)

Should I add your works as an addendum to what I already have in my bible? Call it a 21st Century Revelation from Timothy? I have no problems with the idea - but is it something I should do?

But that still never answered my question about 'what about the rest of our blogs...are they inspired also?'. I think in some way they would have to be. Don't call me hard-headed or nothing for raising questions - I am just trying to get to the root of this all.

(TIM) Yes, the Letters could be added and will be. They would fit perfectly as they have the same Author, but you can leave my name off. To God be all the glory and to the Lamb! Like I said they are the Lord's Words and I hear them...they are audible to me...they are not in my head and not in the room either, but very close...very hard to explain. And the power of His presence...well that is something I cannot put into words, only to say; indescribable love, wisdom, power and many times righteous anger always coupled with mercy.

As far as all our personal posts: if they speak the truth and bring glory to God and to Jesus' name, then yes, I would call them inspired, for no one can proclaim Jesus is Lord except they have the Spirit of God...all those of the Truth hear Jesus' voice in many different ways.

Jason, may I also ask you some questions, which have been concerning me lately? Do you proclaim Jesus is Lord and came in the flesh? Could you also tell me how much you love Him? And why your myspace page in no way reflects any sign of your faith in Christ? I do not hear you shouting from the roof tops the Good News of forgiveness in Christ.

Jason, I am in no way angered by your questions, they are common daily questions I receive, but as I am God's servant, in Christ, I also become your servant, even of all those who seek Him with all sincerity. And this is why I am concerned. As you have studied my posts and comments, I have read all your comments and I do not see the Spirit in your words, nor the joy of life lived for Christ.

Jason I urge you to get right with God in Christ. Time is very short. Are you yet resisting Him and stifling His Spirit and His free gift? Please do not be offended. I ask you these things in love for a brother who seeks to know the same One True God as I seek and His only Begotten, Yeshua the Gift.

What do you think? As we end part 2, what am I to make of Timothy's questions and statements about including his works from into my New Testament? Is this guy asking me judgmental questions or no? Should I be offended? Oh yes, there will be a part 3.


Steve Scott said...

Weren't these gifts exercised within the assembly of the church? That is, they were used when the church met together. But is there any biblical evidence that they are used anonymously?

SocietyVs said...

Good question Steve - and very poignant one to ask - so you mean when people met together these gifts were utilized but not when one was 'alone'? That's a take on the subject I have not heard yet - do you care to expand in case more questions are asked about this idea?

Anonymous said...

Hi Society,

I hope you won't take offense because little or no good comes from our becoming offended even when we are justified in being offended. I know that isn't always something that is that easy to control. I think you should keep doing what you are doing, examining what Timothy writes and questioning that which does not square with you and doing so in a friendly manner. (I hope it is remaining friendly.) We truly should measure each others words and actions according to the Holy Spirit and scripture, not to condemn one another but to edify one another as we are all learning and seeking to fulfill the individual call God has on all of our lives.


SocietyVs said...

"not to condemn one another but to edify one another as we are all learning and seeking to fulfill the individual call God has on all of our lives." (Pam)

I agree 100%. I am only raising the questions in this discussion to get a more well-rounded view about what people think of the prophetic calling of Timothy and some of the things he says. I have questions that Timothy answers with a 'yes' and a 'no' so I thought I'd throw this out there to get some critical feedback.

I have nothing against Timothy in any sense of the word, nor am I offended by his responses or questions. I actually rather like Timothy's writings to be perfectly clear on that. But I do have some questions and reservations about it - and I air the convo to get more opinions and up to now - it has been quite fruitful.

But lest we forget Steve's question - is our individual call for the community or for the individual? I am thinking a lot of community also has to be included.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think that Steve's question is valid and it is also important to remember the meaning of the word, ministry. That which God calls all of us to do should minister to others. Our service should always point others to Christ and should always be in love. All of us can get sidetracked or so intent upon living a holy life before God that we separate ourselves from the community at large and that is not what Christ intends for His church at all.

I've not thought that your questions were out of line (the public ones I've read) and I don't think any of your questions should be taken personally. That is a very easy line to cross though, when we are discussing faith for our faith lies at the heart of who we are. I'm just going to pray for a good outcome between you both and in the ministry God intends for you both to all of us who read the words you write in regards to faith in Jesus.


SocietyVs said...

Thanks Pam - you're awesome!

the_burning_bush said...

I haven't read anything from Timothy's site yet, but I find something remarkable in his style -particularly that it is so serious and that it demands to be taken seriously. I do not know if Christ speaks through Timothy, but I do know this IS Christ's style.

"You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they?"
Matthew 7:16

"No one can say, 'Jesus is Lord,' except by the Holy Spirit."
1 Corinthians 12:3b

"It is the Spirit who testifies, because the Spirit is the truth".
1 John 5:6

SocietyVs said...

"that it is so serious and that it demands to be taken seriously. I do not know if Christ speaks through Timothy, but I do know this IS Christ's style." (BB)

I have to think this might not be Christ's style - but a biblical writer's style (and the main portions of Timothy's stuff seems to be very reminiscent of the Tanakh more than the gospels). But I agree some of this is in the gospels also.

My concern is quite simple, which very few people have raised up to this point (lest they speak against a prophet of God), Timothy is making claims eerily similar to some other prophet I watched the other night - might remember him - Joseph Smith. He wrote a whole book and considered it another testament. Now I have Tim sayong his stuff is equal to scripture. That doesn't make any of you want to ask the 'hard' questions?

I am not saying I am right but there is more to this picture than you and I know (at least that's my suspicion).