Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hope - The Novel Idea

I was watching some Christian programming the other day when I heard something very interesting about this faith that made me realize something - hope should not die - for no reason whatsoever.

The idea of 'hope' was discussed concerning suicide and how the absence of hope is the pre-cursor to taking one's life. I chewed on that thought for a day or so and I think the program is 'on the money' with that idea. I felt a little ashamed also - I notice becoming so realistic and logical that I began functioning outside the idea of possibilities and hopes. My bad to be honest. Somebody slap me!

What is this Christian faith without the idea of 'hope'? I realize without this notion faith is a failure and useless to all (like salt without taste). In the end of the day, faith should lead to hope - for the now & for the later. I was dealing so in the now that I missed that hope is always possible (now and in the future) - it is the figurative smile of the gospel writings.

Faith without hope is like life without happiness - and this is essentially true. Try live one day in total uncertainty in any area of your life (work, family, faith, sport, etc) and you soon realize none of that is fun - and eventually you just get depressed into apathy. If life is without hope - life soon becomes worth ending - worth not deciding about anymore. Hope is absolutely essential to the gospel - and I think it is the 'selling point' - I think it directs humanity to it's core spirituality and life-blood - 'things do change'.

Life will be better...times will get easier...struggles will disappear...jobs will come your way...friendships can be made whole again...love can be restored and healed...faith can move mountains...promises do come true...etc...this is hope - we all do this - to stop doing this is to not 'believe' anymore - and not believing means you stopped breathing. Humans detoriate without possibility and choice concerning future - so let's help people see something they sometimes cannot - there is hope. This is good news.


Anonymous said...

Nothing to add but, Amen and lots of :):):):):)


the_burning_bush said...

Dittos, Pam.

You hit the nail on the head, SocietyVs.

Thanks for this post.

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