Friday, January 26, 2007

What is sin and How do we know?

"If God no longer holds our sins against us, then what is sin?" (Bruced)

"The question is "then why sin?" Why embrace a thing that is not godly once you have received the grace of God?" (JJ)

"Who here has no sin?...According to God, sin no longer exists. Certainly, there are things we will do that harm ourselves and/or others, but the penalty for that is of this world, not of God. He only sees Jesus when he looks at His creation. Jesus covered it all, and made it all new, fresh, and clean in God's eyes...Causing harm to ourselves or others might be stupid and painful, but it has no effect on God's view of us. Through Jesus, we are righteous to God, fully redeemed and fully forgiven forever...Sadly, not even the christians believe that." (Bruced)

That age old question of 'sin'. I have my opinions on it but what do you think? How do you define 'sin'? Does the standard change with time? Is 'sin' something that has been 'finished'? Tell me, what are yout thoughts about that word 'sin'?


the_burning_bush said...
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the_burning_bush said...

"Whatever is not from faith is sin."
Romans 14:23b

Narrow is the way that leads to life, and only a few find it!

SocietyVs said...

When I think of sin I can usually break it down to a very simple thing 'loving others as we love ourselves' - once we move away from good and healthy relationships we find 'sin' - in that we hurt another with whom we have no explicit right to do so (not from our faith's teachings or from the other's consent). I think in love is the idea of protecting and caring for the other - it's when we deny 'love' we find that we are embracing other ideas that help us to become estranged from another (so we committ sins against one another). I think sin is onyl found within the human bond - one with another.