Thursday, January 04, 2007

Rational Response? Don't Complain!

I was checking out sites on the internet, basically doing nothing I happened upon an Atheist site called 'Rational Response' - seems to be related to a documentary I watched called 'The God Who Wasn't There'. I actually thought the documentary was done quite shoddy but I did enjoy the content and the story line.

The story of the documentary seems to follow some dude who goes back to his Christian school and kind of calls them on certain things - the scene with the principal was quite funny (he was squirming). At the end of the film he supposedly blapshemes the Holy Spirit - whatever that means I am not quite sure at this point - or what the disciples meant I am not sure - but this dude thinks he did exactly that in the show - whatev's. The documentary goes into Jesus being a figment of the disciples imagination and that he fit 17 of 20 mythological traits - thus proving Jesus was a fake - I am like 'whatev's'. Basically, it's a disgruntled ex-Christian school kid with an axe to grind and this was his outlet - this documentary - then I found the website.

I have conversed with many an Atheist in my life but this site is the icing on the cake. Now I don't care if Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and Brian Flemming want to knock the Christian faith - hooray, but for what exactly? This site is like so damn dumb, except the chat, that it defies even their supposed logic.

1. The whole 'who can blaspheme the best' thing is just ridiculous (can even send in a video). They wanna test your moxy and your faith in nothing, what's the difference between that and believing there is a God? Both require some sort of belief/faith - even if it they call it unfounded.

2. The dude has an axe to grind and he blames God for those problems, or at least as a source of those problems - hey I hear ya bro - but c'mon, like church and God and all things related made a single person's life turn out the way it did - whatever happened to choice and rationale? Each person is accountable for their actions, whether they follow a certain teaching or not, whether in this world or another.

3. Is the church solely to blame for the world's problems? Is the bane of our existence this Christ figure and the faith established upon him? Seems to me a close look, and a little bit of un-biased rationale, will expose the very fact gov't is involved in every step of the way in the evils of society (and at times they use religion as their side-kick). I look closely at history and I see politics and the working of that power as the one with the decisions to make to alter world events - not the church - the church has what for a power figure - the Vatican state - and they do what - tell people don't do this or that? Last time I checked no Christian state had any earthly power including arms, law making abilities, and police systems. Why? There is no Christian states around - except the Vatican - whatever that is called - and it is vastly limited (in a war for example or world politics).

4. They are raising money, for what I am not sure, but I am guessing to keep their mission of denouncing Christianity alive. Now some people gave money to keep the site going and I am not knocking the power of people to give but is this really a worthwhile cause? Is it helping a single person in any single verifiable way? I mean, they have to own a computer to at least participate - thus meaning they have to have some cash or be 'well to do'. I'm not sure but couldn't they raise funds to something for somebody? Help the poor - start a soup kitchen? Visit the sick in the hospital and care for their costs? Visit the prisioner and possibly help them reach their family in these hard times? Use that money for something but to simply promote a bunch of philosophical bullshit and pretend that means something is just, dishonest as churches that spend that money on bigger buildings - they are the hypocrite they despise. This is a sore spot with me - when I know poverty and the help some of these communities need.

Don't get me wrong I am calling the site as I see it, a god-damn farce and only exists for us to play mind-games with one another - but if that's the solution an Atheist is giving me - I'll stay in the faith. It just pisses me off when someone has the audacity to rail on something yet they have no alternate solution - just some mind games to play. I am sick of it when Christians do it and I am sick of it when Atheists do it - present the problem but offer no viable solution to the problem - they just want to have some sort of self-righteousness about themselves. Get off that high-horse and think, I mean, on both sides they call themself 'rationale'.

So don't blame the church - unless you're going to get involved and try to make a difference. Don't blame the un-believer - unless you're going to get involved in that person's life - in some real, honest, touchable way. Don't tell me about the problem unless you first sat down for at least a few hours and tried to find an answer to it - cause it makes no sense to merely bitch. I am calling a problem a problem and a problem won't solve itslef - unless we have absolutely no rationale and think it might. No get involved in a real way or back the f*ck up for those that are. Last thing I need to hear is more criticism about faith, God, evil, the church, unbelievers, the poor, depressed, gov't, etc...cause I live by this - as much as you can complain you can do just as much to solve the problem.


chris said...

It always amazes me how atheist (and Christians for that matter!) can spend so much time, money and emotion trying to slander and destroy something they don't even believe in! If it doesn't exist why worry with it? I don't believe in Santa, but I don't make fun of children that do.

the_burning_bush said...

Athiests tend to be really good about traveling to poor countries and opening orphanages and giving medicine to the sick and sharing their good news with ...

Oh wait, I'm thinking of the Church.

My Garden said...

I find that all the energy that people put into disputes and arguing could be used to actually help someone...hmmm...what if we all did that?...I wonder what our world would really look like then...sorry a bit o sarcasm that time...

hineini said...

Maybe the Christians should take a word of advice from their hero and deal with the log in their own eye before worrying about the speck in the athiest's. Fix the religion/Church/faith, the shit in their own backyard, before attacking others.

I am proud of you societyvs because your doing things. But attacking athiests isn't something that gets much done.

SocietyVs said...

"what if we all did that?...I wonder what our world would really look like then" (my garden)

That's the plan...and I am here to say hell yeah! Let's do something with our faith!

SocietyVs said...

"Fix the religion/Church/faith, the shit in their own backyard, before attacking others." (Heinini)

I agree - I am working on that as we speak - or at the least - I am doing my part to fix the situation in my own eyes (ie: the church focus and giving).

"But attacking athiests isn't something that gets much done." (heinini)

Hey I am just calling it as is and nothing more - attack - well that's in the eye of the beholder to percieve. I actually talk with these same atheists and hold nothing against them for their beliefs, ideologies, or bitterness. I respect them for being honest. I write a blog calling for exactly what I say I am going to do - if I can complain, I can do just as much to make a difference - so I do exactly that. I ask people to get involved but man, you gotta see this - how stubborn we really are to follow such a simple motif. Hey, it ain't impossible.

**For a side note - as part of the Action Group tnight I helped a girl move that had no means or support with that project - so me and few of my cronies got involved. You know what - it's the greatest feeling in the world - just doing something nice because you can.

My Garden said...

I just came from church and the message was about "doing," and the reality is that we can't pick and choose who is the best person for the job, but the reality is God usually uses who is available, and those that are available will be the ones who change our world...real loving, caring, and real change like you say is action...funny eh! sometimes you hear the same message from many venues, even if the words are not exactly the same...the base of the message is...

BrotherKen said...

Most who hold a faith of some sort could look back and say that at one point they were atheist. That was my claim at one time, although I was more of an agnostic. I would consider most atheists as “still in search for truth”, but it becomes quite serious when they have at one time known the truth and then deny it. If they still have a respect for others they only endanger themselves, suicide is high among atheists. But they can become a danger to others, especially if they were once a person of faith (any faith). Matthew 12:43-45 addresses this situation. C.S.Lewis is quoted as saying "Of all bad men religious bad men are the worst."

Staunch atheists are impossible to reason with. I believe it was this kind of person Jesus was talking about when He said; “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.” Matt 7:6

SocietyVs said...

My Garden, that's a good message right there!

Brother Ken, I ain't got nothing holy to lose - and yes they have some sharp fangs when they bite - but words are just words and that's how I see it - the real danger is in apathy.

MMM said...

Hey there. I came over from my campsite after your visit. Thanks for stopping by.

Your blog is well written. Sounds like you're talking, which is what all good writing should sound like. :)
And thanks for your perspective. I mean, it scared the crap out of me when I first visited the site, but I'm not scared anymore. In any case, that isn't my choice anyway. Anyone who reads me for any length of time can pretty much guess whose side I'm on.
Drop by and visit anytime. You're being added to the tentstakes.

Trailady said...

Good thoughts!! :o)

Christians & Atheists both have the right to believe the way they see fit. When they get militant about pushing their beliefs on others- that's when I get turned off. To push anything on someone else is an insult to that person's intellect. It says, "You aren't smart enough to figure things out, but I am and so here's what you need to believe..."
I have found that most people are intelligent and honest enough that if given time, treated kindly and allowed the room to grow, they will find God.
Also, the whole "I'm gonna prove it to ya" mentality is annoying because there is evidence that can be used for both sides. What it boils down to for me is what do I know in my heart? I have felt God move in me and I have heard His voice in my head. I know He lives. My job is not to go talk people's heads off about it. My job is to love people- no matter what they believe and perhaps they can feel God through me.

Karen said...

You said it all right here. I love this!
When Katrina hit, I went to an atheist website. They listed all the non-religious associations that were assisting in the aid to victims...however, the atheists themselves had no organized effort of their own.