Friday, June 30, 2006

A 'Slice' of Reality in Laodicea

I have been reading a blog called 'Slice of Laodicea', a religious right blog, and I have been commenting with them for sometime. Recently, they have 'pulled the plug' on me posting comments. Why did they 'pull the plug'? They began arguing with this new link I have called 'smartchristian' and I wrote a comment directed at Christians not denouncing other Christians, it was censored and never put on. This is how I slice this one up.

I think Christians from all types of faiths are 'In Christ' and follow the foundational teaches of Jesus. I figure if that is correct, then aren't we all in the same church? This is Christ's body we are talking about here, not mine or yours, Christ's. I noticed certain sects, judgmental people, want to tear that apart and cause division amongst the brothers/sisters. What do they debate about? The word of God. I guess they are correct in one thing, they rightly divide the 'word'.

Here is my problem with 'Slice' and it's head writer (I won't name names). Firstly, they call out people by name (ex: Rick Warren/Billy Graham) just to judge them and cut them down. Secondly, you are not entitled to an 'opinion' but stick to the what the word of God says (apparently someone has cornered the market & figured the whole thing out, thank God). Thirdly, they speak in such an elitist mind-set that one might believe that the only Christians are these people (so Protestants are going to hell, too bad fellas). Fourthly, everything has to be actually in the word of God for a church to adopt it (goodbye microwave). Finally, their leader decides what this people will accept and what they won't (hello Jim Jones).

Now if you read that and compare it with the gospel it doesn't add up. Actually, one might consider this leader, dare I say it, a 'Pharisee'. Not only that but he betrays the very body of Christ to which he is called. He is filtering out positive messages of forgiveness and acceptance to promote a doctrine of division and slander to those that blog on his site. If you don't agree with him then you don't get posted. To me it is as plain to see as the sun is shining, the man is proud. So proud he will not admit to wrongs, only to being right, and will not consider other believers of various denominations as his brother/ that off, he censors out messages of the acceptance type and allows only divisionary topics...this he teaches to others.

So what messages are coming out of that site? Rick Warren and anyone that follows the 'purpose-driven' life are anti-christs (against Jesus). Trying to be 'modern' with your faith is wrong, we should look up to the Puritans (see last blog for American history). Christian rock music, humor, and plays are right out of the question. Basically, if you can make it seem like you are one of the only 'chosen' ones of God then all is well with the world.

Listen up. You can try as hard as you will but you will never destroy the body of Christ, he chose these people not you. You may not like them and they might not like you but you are brothers and sisters. No amount of scripture you memorize, no amount of judgmental zeal, and no amount of divisionary tactic you produce will change that...why? They are chosen of God also. They believe in Jesus, read His words, and live by them...isn't that the earmark for a Christian? So quit tearing the body of Christ limb from limb, get over your anger, forgive people, and realize this is a God of love & acceptance we worship, not a God of division. Odd fact, even Satan doesn't try this hard to divide his kingdom, lest it should fall.


chris said...

Where do these people come from? I believe if Jesus were walking the earth today they would attack his morals as well. Wait a minute, that sounds familiar. Jesus was attacked. I think some people feel safety in rules, It is just easier that way. It's all there in black and white. No need to think!! I've found that it is easier not to engage some people in positive conversation, they just don't want to hear anything outside thier little world. They are gonna be in for a real suprise when they see folks like you and me in heaven with them. Maybe then they'll talk.

BruceD said...

I guess, like all of us, they're doing the best they can with what they know. Sometimes, we have to work through some stuff before we can move on to the next. We all have done it, and we still do. Life is about moving through all sorts of challenges, and trying to come out better each time. The problem is, sometimes we get stuck in one place and spin our wheels for too long... longer than we should. But, again, we do the best we can with what we know.

kevin beck said...

Nice post.

In my experience, I usually find that my critique of others is little more than a critique of myself. Or, it is an attempt to sidestep something in my own life that I would rather not face.

Thanks for reminding me.


Cinder said...

Awesome post...I'm blown away by what I just read at "Slice" in terms of the putting down of people in the comment boxes and some of the leaders and organizations they slammed.

It will also serve as a very timely reminder to me to make sure that I'm being true to me and Christ...that I'm showing Christ's love to everyone and not being judgemental or saying things which will confuse those around me.

I happen to love music and humor and feel it's an important part of who I am and doesn't make me any less of a Christian.

You need to meet people where they are and accept them for who they are, not what you perceive they should be. You can't expect people to want to have any part of the church if you don't show Christ's love and find a common ground or be judgemental of them.

I found it quite interesting that as of Saturday (July 2nd) they took the comment portion off their blog completely.

Blessings to you!

Thedavidsoftulsa said...

I have really been enjoying reading your blog. Just wanted to comment and say, keep it up. I am your new faithful reader.

Melissa said...

I just recently found the Slice of Laodicea page and I am disgusted with it. They were criticizing someone (I won't be like "Slice" and say who) that is obviously living out his faith and trying to carry out the the calling of God on his life. I don't think I have ever seen a person more on fire for Jesus Christ and sharing his faith. However, in an interview he did he said a couple of words the could be taken by some people with very tender ears as offensive. They really were not used in a way, though, that they would be used if you were cursing. Well, "Slice" jumped all over him and some of the people making comments went as far as to say he wasn't saved. I wrote in a comment about how we are justified (saved) by faith at the moment we accept Christ, but that the sanctification process (becoming more like Christ) is a lifelong process. Of course, they DID NOT post it. Thank you so much for providing this blog. I have been steaming to vent this and I feel so much better. I think the way that Christians treat each other is one of the reason many people are so against Christianity. God has really been convicting me lately about being judgmental. I used to be really judgmental and still have to fight the urge, but I am a lot better than I used to be. All we can do is pray for the people at "Slice".