Friday, May 19, 2006

The end of faith? What a revelation.

I am reading a book called 'the end of faith' and it seems to be written by some illuminati believing, scientist, atheist, with an axe to grind...personally I love the book. The book raises some great questions all the while raising an alarming world ending possibility, the end of faith as we know it. Watch how I break this down.

The writer (Sam Harris) poses the idea of the irrationality of faith in a God that no one can see, or some books of the divine that no one can readily prove came from God. He starts to poise that science has become a better process and needs to replace faith that is without reason, we need to test our beliefs. Then he gets in to why faith in a God is stupid based on history's death toll.

He spouts the attacks on witches by the Catholic church (where thousands died with no proof they were a witch) and the attack on Jewish people by Catholics in the same time (not to mention Nazi Germany). There is a belief that the ignorant church caused some atrocities (absolutely). Then he gets into modern destruction coming from faith, remember the Muslims attack on 9-11 (3000 people die so some martyrs can get to heaven). Ireland still has a bloody fued between Catholics and Protestants, nevermind Bosnia. He makes a strong point against the faith of most religions that have a montheistic point of view.

His answer, end to faith, plain and simple will solve the worlds problems, He reasons that the Jewish people and Palestinians have been fighting over the 'holy' land for like 30 years or more, backed by USA involvement. Take God out of the picture and no fight over land, what they are dieing for is God's promised land & also their bigotry for one another which is based in religion. So Sam see's it this way: take God and the sacred books away, no inside story and no outside blood-baths. He has a point, a very un-ethical one, but a point nonetheless.

I came up with a theory of my own, call me an end-times prophet if you will, or not. I think in Sam Harris' book I see a look into the future, sadly enough, that I believe will happen. This idea for the end of faith just has to fall into the wrong hands and slowly a case is building for the end of faith in political circles. In your head it's easy to not like the Muslim religion, due to the attacks. The death of 3000 can change one's mind towards a religion quickly. Thus the USA gov't called a war on Afghanistan and Iraq, both Muslim countries...who's next Iran? This with the help of Britain and other countries. So there is a dis-like for this kind of fanatacism rising out of faiths.

Catholicism has tonnes of blood on it's hands and Christianity is bringing up the rear with it's recent fundies bombing abortion clinics and end-times mass murderers (Jim Jones/David Koresh). I can see a point where people begin to reason that faith causes destruction and a world without religion may be a safer one. How can that happen? Now I get fundamental myself. The world united under one common leadership. A new 'Hitler' that has some world-wide influence, is it possible? It's more than possible it's happening as we speak.

See one thing unites the world, money, the almighty dollar, it speaks every countries language, 'cha-ching'. Funny thing, business has gone international breaking every countries political barrier in the name of the new green party. A good example is Wal-Mart, they are in every part of the world. They are in communist countries, muslim countries, capitalist countries, the moon, etc. Point is they are everywhere and they have absolutely no ethics. How can a company have no ethics, easy, in the name of profit and jobs. Thusly, a souless corporation goes international, and enslaves poorer countries all the while under-paying and abusing the hard-working middle class in richer countries. The end benefit goes to a corporation that sucks the money out of 2 countries for themselves, thus, becoming a country to itself. They get people voted, they pay into campaigns, they get laws passed to help themselves, and all the while no one does a thing, why? They are a faceless business, who the hell do you blame?

There is a one world system developing, it's business, it's money, it's greed, it's what Jesus said, 'you cannot have 2 masters, it's either God or money'. In this age, money has to push God out the open window, because something called ethics is holding them back from more profit. Soon leaders of the world unite to better their countries financially, similar to a European Union. What they find is Muslim countries, Israel, and others will not come aboard. Problem. Faith. Answer. War. So the world unites in peace but for monotheistic faiths, the world has become a judge. Unless they will join happily, they will be forced to. Number one, all those countries in the Middle East are Muslim, no problem with making war with them...remember their atrocities. Secondly, Israel...a road-bump to peace since time immemorial. Thirdly, Christianty & Catholicism pose an ethical stumbling block (even the Vatican is close to the Middle East).

The world gathers itself in war against the Middle East and those countries will not leave, but die for their faiths. Why? Holy land for Jewish people (Israel). Holy land (Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia) for Muslims, Vatican for Catholics. Maybe revelations has some validity. I can see a scenario where the world actually does gather in that part of the world, even Jerusalem.

However, I could be full of it, and most likely this is at best a 'conspiracy theory', or a guess. That being said, the point is as Christians we are 'sleeping', at that a deep sleep . Business is out there running rampant, committing horrible atrocities but we don't even bat an eye, cause people like Wal-Mart are so damn cheap and we can't find someone to blame. There are people teaching this word, contrary to true faith causing people to hate us, or faith in general. There are things we can do to make a difference and stand up for truth. Boycott companies that create atrocities for the sake of profit (ex: minimum wage while owners are billionaires, child labor in other countries, poor living conditions for those child laborers). We need to teach a faith that is true, consistent with Jesus' teachings, that has an ethical backbone and doesn't seperate us one from another. I can see a outlawing of faith, tragically enough, but I don't want to see an end to faith. "When the son of man returns, will he find faith on this earth?"


Simon said...

Its not a conspiracy.

Lloyd said...

Is it "faith" that's the problem, or "religion" which is the human outgrowht of faith? I'm all for dismantling the oppressive structures and forms of religion. Faith is an integral part of life, even for the atheist.

jollybeggar said...

"Faith is an integral part of life, even for the atheist."

nicely put, lloyd. please explain what you mean, lest our presumptions frame and inform your comment. personally, i have always believed this to be true, and would be keenly interested in hearing how you articulate this.

there is related blog that i might have refered you to before, sVs... forgive me if i'm repeating myself! in any event, there is a recent post on it after a rather lengthy drought.

SocietyVs said...

Faith isn't the problem, religion is and that's why I half-heartidly agree with what Sam Harris says in his book 'the end of faith'. However, the book is calling for an end to faith, period...myself I see faith as part of life also.
That being said, me knowing very little about atheism, what role does faith play for the atheist?
That also being said, I know a lot about organized religion, and I tend to agree religion has to change...thus most of my blogs reitterate this point.