Saturday, April 15, 2006

Humility: I have a hunch

It's funny but as part of this Action Group, we are coming up with fund-raising idea's and some doozies have come out. There's the usual steak night kinda things, BBQ's, and raffles...then we get into dicey stuff for a church group. I am wondering am I pushing the line too far?

First off, a poker night? That's straight up gambling but teams do this for fundraising. It's an easy thing to put together and an easy thing to run. All the money made goes to a worthwhile charity and people get to have fun. I look at it and say 'why not'? It's not a traditonal way of raising money but it gets people together.

Secondly, an 'amazing race' type thing called the 'decathalon'. I would have 5 events at lounges and 5 events outside, all within the city. The events would consist of stuff like basketball free-throw, kicking field goals, completing a cross-word puzzle, music trivia mixed with karoake, a game of pool, etc (as examples). It's a fun event but some people thing going into lounges isn't appropriate. Still, a great idea (which I borrowed from someone else).

Comedy night? The thing about comedy is most people like to laugh at themselves but the more edgier stuff most people will see as 'too much'. But I think laughter is the best medicine. A buddy and me bounced some ideas off one another and had ourselves laughing til our stomachs hurt. Some examples are: The hunch: a 'hunchback' trying to help solve problems...his only line is 'I have a hunch'; The Roman emperor with a nasty 'wedgie', wants his servants to pick it out for him. 'Where have all the good times gone' (a musical) with a drunk actor who keeps breaking up the scene with 'cut the bloody music' and then going on a rant of how he is not going to beat his wife for the play, then storms out. The 'crack-pot' which really is a 'crock-pot'. Funny concepts that may be pushing the boundaries but they are all in fun.

A band night? 3 opening acts, none of them are church-goers, but they are friends of people in this group and would be willing to give. They play a hard rock style and they have a following in the city. A night like that could net quite a bit of cash if they are willing to give of their time for this endeavour. Most of them have said 'yes'. I personally like the people in these bands and they have been great to me. I said I would support this if we could pull it off. Edification none. Poor people helped, some.

Crazy ideas, huh? I see something really good in this. The non-faith and the people of faith coming together on neutral grounds. It's making friends and letting people know we, people of faith, are willing to make that step to them (no more smugness). And the good thing is they are giving to charity at the same time. It's my way of pulling them to the gospel even if they don't know it. So the question remains with you, are you willing to make that step to build relationships even if you lose your comfort zone?

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ty said...

you might like some of this stuff :) BJ is a friend of a friend, and he posted a link to Sundays Wall Street Journal, sounds a lot like what you are doing