Friday, February 24, 2006

Where is the tap water?

I have been reading on this blog site so many different blogs, and each one a little more enlightening than the last. I never knew there was a 'little' Christian community on here, the least of them never read my site, but should they ever I have written something for them.

I noticed they spoke of everything from God's love, pain & suffering, arguments about the faith, and just basic life as a Christian. I enjoy each and every one of them, I like to see what others have to say and sometimes it's just great. That being said, Hi Paul, this is where the heart-warming ability I have been given ends.

I read all these blogs and something struck me, it's a lot of talk (and this is the medium for that), but it seems something is missing. They are like a tap. I see the tap and I know it has a very productive use but what exactly the use is I am not sure (I speak like I never seen a tap before)? That tap was created for use, for some use, and what that is I will find out if I try to use it. I think I have had the tap explained to me by everyone, and some have went out of their way to say how 'beautiful' it is. It's a lot of talk about a tap, but where's the tap water?

Tap water? How is that even a point? Well I can talk about the tap some more, it's a nice and shiny chrome, has a sink underneath it, I can even see my reflection in it's cool is that! But can I wash my hands with it?

It's an abstract thought really. The tap was created for a purpose. To allow tap water to flow so we can wash our hands or do whatever with that water, some even drink it. The tap without the tap water is useless. The tap water cannot flow without a tap. The water comes from a source that I cannot even pin-point, unless I follow the pipes and they go forever if you dare check. This is just a stupid analogy with no meaning! Or is there something we are missing?

I want the tap water! I know shoulda paid my bills...that joke is besides the point. How do I get that water? I put the tap to use. The tap is useless unless put into action then the water I require comes streaming out and I can do so much things with that water. Then I feel the tap has a point but until then it was useless, even if I could see my reflection and do my hair in it.

You are the tap. The water comes from a source (even a source we struggle to fully understand but the words of Christ have helped). There is a need, people want to use the water from the tap. How can that happen if we gladly speak so well about the tap but do nothing in showing them how to use this system. Where your faith is, so also are your works (not words).

Yeah, the unbeliever scoffs at us. Rightly so! We have explained a faith but we do very little to live it in their reality. They see faith they see words, they sneer. I have to agree with them in this, I allow the comments they give me whether good or bad because I did nothing for them anyways...but 'go and be warmed'. They see the tap alright but don't know how to use it! They had the gospel 'preached' to them but I recall something from Christ's ministry...not only did he preach the gospel to the poor but then followed up with action. He spoke words alright but he gave us the tap and tap water at the same time.

Faith without works is dead...doesn't exist. Thus a lot of talk means nothing unless action is taken to 'save' the poor (I should care for the 'rich' but theirs is not this kingdom). What do I mean by action? It's a fairly easy idea. Do something to love your neighbor that helps them out in a real way. If they ask for bread then give them bread. If they ask for water then give them some water. If they are sick then visit them (bring some aspirin). If they lack clothing then buy them some. If they are in prison, go see them, don't forget them. That's action and guess what? It requires you to give of your time and money, ouch! But are we capitalists at heart or Christians at heart? This part of the gospel seems to have gotten lost somewhere in translation.

Am I asking something unreasonable? Does this need to be argued for 'theologistics'? Do we need to divide this rightly so the non-faith people don't get help? Is this something you don't feel within you? It's a call to action not to arguing. If I am lying look around you, even within your own churches, and you will find there is needs everywhere we are missing. How can you call yourself a person of faith if someone asks you for food and you say to them 'I will pray about it' and do nothing? Or is that the old wallet doesn't stretch outside your comfort and convenience? And if I hear enabling or co-dependency again then I will know you find an excuse, not an answer or a solution.

Ouch! How can I say this? What authority do I have? I go by this old saying myself personally, 'Give to Ceasar what is Ceaser's, give to God what is God's'. Now money, and the goods it can afford us, belong to this world anyways. Let's go buy some food for the poor people we know. In turn we give to God what is God's, our following his 2 commandments (Love God with all of you and Love your neighbor as yourself). And I say spend your money and time on doing good, not giving lip-service to the doubters, if you wanna change someone's tune get invloved. Thus your testimony is perfected (full) in your actions. Here is what I did when I realized this.

I formed a group, I called it the 'Action' Group. I met with other people and started to find out what around us was wrong...people left church (let's contact them); Formed a monetary fund for the needs around us (we all gave); decided not to talk/criticize people but get involved in solving their needs; became a support group for everyone involved (the invloved and the helped); found services for people they can use so they can solve their problem (ex: addictions). The group is far from complete, but there is always room for one more. I saw that faith lacked substance, so let's get some substance by getting ourselves personally involved...thus seeing the truth...we really are brothers and sisters in Christ. We are meeting tonight again, only 5 of us this time but those 5 can do more than 1000's talking a good talk. In the end, I support you.


Humming Bird said...

Someone made a comment once that Christians are like the moon, because we are a light in the darkness, and I heard someone else say that the moon controls the tides of the world. I was praying last year, and God showed me that I was very deep in the water and yet able to stand, and every time I prayed and touched Him that my prayers were going out like a tidal wave, and the ripples from the waves were being felt in endless places. I haven't finished meditating on those thoughts yet, but they are getting deeper inside of me and the truth becoming more clear, this post reminded me of them

Pensive said...

It is good to see you trying to work things out.

I find you idea interesting. ahve you ever thought that you are the tap water?

What did Jesus build? What did Abraham, Isaac and Jacob build? Nothing. They dug. Abraham and his sons and grandson dug wells and the peoples around them were blessed by them. Isn't that what God called Abraham to do? be a blessing to the nations?

What about Jesus. There is nothing to suggest that he built something. What he did build was people and a kingdom. How. Jesus through his Spirit digs in us.

As I read/experience the beatitudes I see the Spirit of Christ digging in me so I can be living water for others, so I can be a blessing to those around me and in the wider world.

That digging, which is often painful, comes from submitting to the Spirit of God and being transformed into a new man/woman.

Where is the tap? As God digs in you, you become the tap.

Peace, and may the grace of Jesus be with you.

PS: used to live near Regina.